Saturday, October 23, 2004

BlogExplosion and the Blogging Experience

For those of you who got here through BlogExplosion, greetings. If you're interested in animation, sequential art like manga, and other topics, there's quite a few items here worthy of comment. (If you can get the Java to work in your BlogExplosion window, that is; I've found that I need to go directly to a site in Blogger if I want to post a comment. I'm not sure why this is so.)

As for myself, I'm taking advantage of BlogExplosion's surfing capacity, looking at the weblogs that are out there. It's actually a lot of fun, looking at weblogs and the people who write them. I'm already getting some ideas as to how to tweak this site (such as adding artworks and maybe a calendar), but I'm open to suggestions as well.