Friday, December 02, 2005

The Anonalogue Deck: It's Time for Librano Poker Night

Anonalogue has actually completed the Card Deck of Librano Jokers that I posted about earlier this week. The faces don't match my entry's proposals but that's okay: we now have a list of Liberals who, not just on general principles but through their own vices, are deserving of defeat at the polls.

And since Anonalogue's cards can be individually downloaded, the Canadian blogosphere can play a game on January 23rd. That's right, folks: Election Night will become Librano Poker Night.

Here's how the game works:

1. Pick five cards from Anonalogue's deck. You can make them into a traditional poker hand, but it's not necessary since winning this game doesn't really depend on traditional poker.

2. Create a blogpost with those five images. You can then send the link to me, and I'll link it up on a new page so people can see your hand. (I did say this wasn't traditional poker.) I'll be accepting links up to noon hour on Election Day.

3. Watch the returns on Election Night. Unlike Quebec independence, the winning conditions are actually pretty simple: the highest-value hand of cards whose faces are defeated at the polls is the winner.

4. The winner will be announced the next day, on this blog. The prize will be one copy of Rescuing Canada's Right, which I'll send via (Not to worry; I'll be personally paying for this one.)

A few things to remember:

-- It won't necessarily be to your advantage to pick all face cards. Ministers with a strong local base won't go down easily; backbenchers and new candidates are more vulnerable.

-- While it's tempting to pick all your cards from Atlantic Canada and Quebec, because the time zones will create an early win, remember that those regions and Ontario are also where the Liberals are strongest.

-- Don't duplicate a hand that's already been posted. I only plan on paying for one prize.

So -- who's in?

UPDATE (12h49): At the suggestion of Johnny Pockets in the Comments section, I've modified the rule from "first" to "highest-value," to get rid of the time zone chaos.