Saturday, March 12, 2005

Iowahawk Finishes the Inspector Dan Trilogy

If you want to read some nice parody, look no further than the infamous -- or shall we say notorious? -- blogger Iowahawk.

When the Rathergate scandal broke out, the Hawk did a riff on a Raymond Chandler mystery and came up with My Teleprompter is Deadly, featuring the hapless Inspector Dan, a "dick" who refuses to be blinded by the truth. David Burge, the writer behind Iowahawk, not only parodied Rather's public persona, but also skewered the bloggers who kept the pressure going on Rathergate -- Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs as a jazz informer, the folks at Powerline as menacing bullies, and the Instapundit as a sinister overlord over all he surveys.

These characters came back for the sequel, Farewell My Producer, which came out the day after then Boccardi-Thornburgh report. It's notable because Minnesota columnist Nick Coleman launched a personal attack on the Powerline boys, thus earning a place in the new parody as a fellow "dick" who tries to destroy the Powerline crew but trips himself up every which way.

When Rather made his final broadcast as CBS anchor on Wednesday, I knew the Hawk wouldn't be far behind. And sure enough, he didn't disappoint. Have a look at The Big Snooze and you'll see why lots of bloggers like him.