Monday, June 06, 2005

The Libranos Get That Old-Time Religion

Well -- some of them, anyway. From Canadian Press (c/o CANOE News):

"People of faith are engaging in the democratic process in the Liberal party as well as the Conservative party," Charles McVety, head of Canada Christian College and a founder of the Defend Marriage Coalition, said in an interview.

McVety said his group, which opposes same-sex marriage, helped a number of like-minded Liberals secure nominations prior to last year's election.

Among them were Toronto-area MPs Paul Szabo, Tom Wappel, Jim Karygiannis, Dan McTeague and Albina Guarnieri, now veterans affairs minister, and Oshawa MP Judi Longfield.

Hmmm. Has anyone told Mark Holland about this?

Incidentally, it's a cliché that all Liberal MPs are trying to put their Christian connections back in the closet:

Karygiannis ... acknowledged receiving help from the coalition. He said he might never have become an MP without the support of Campaign Life Coalition, a member of McVety's group.

Campaign Life has sent out brochures endorsing Karygiannis in every election since 1988, with the MP paying the postage.

"I think in 1988 when I was first elected, Campaign Life probably turned things in my favour," Karygiannis said.

"I got elected by 800 votes. They had at that time something like 800 households (on their mailing list) and they sent a letter out . . . (saying) we recommend that you vote for Jim Karygiannis."

Heh. I wonder if Jim could invite Mr. Holland over for a church supper?

Oh, and if Mr. Holland should consider declining, or attacking McVety again, he might want to consider these words of wisdom from a fellow Liberal MP:

Toronto Liberal MP John McKay, himself an evangelical Christian, said such attacks on a religious group are potentially dangerous in a country as pluralistic as Canada.

Moreover, he said they may help push evangelical Christians, who make up about 15 per cent of the Canadian population and who traditionally haven't voted as a block for any one party, into the arms of the Tories.

"You can't continue to offend a particular group to its core . . . and continue to expect that they won't start to migrate with their votes."