Friday, July 22, 2005

Get This Boy Some Duct Tape

Y'know, if Red Green is recruiting for new members for Possum Lodge, I think we've managed to find one.

Geoff Milburn is an engineering student at the University of Waterloo. Like most students, he's broke. Also like most students, he's been suffering from the current heat wave. But unlike most students, he decided to do something about it: he built an air conditioner. For under $25. Canadian.

Looks like something out of Red Green's Handyman Corner, right? But apparently it works. In fact it works so well that CTV News invited Geoff to demonstrate it on Canada AM.

Geoff's also put the original plans for his cheap A/C here, but check out some of the subsequent improvements he's made as well (a true engineer; there's always something that can be tweaked).

And if Steve Smith is paying attention, he'd be smart to invite him to the Lodge ...