Thursday, July 14, 2005

Still Think the London Bombings Can't Happen Here?

Some guy from Seattle apparently got caught trying to sneak a functioning bomb into B.C. via an interborder ferry.

Canada Border Services Agency officers said they became suspicious while questioning the man, who was travelling with his daughter.

They said they examined his truck and found a suspicious device in the glove box – a 7½-centimetre brass pipe that was capped on each end and had a 15-centimetre green fuse-like string glued to one end.

They arrested him, secured the ferry terminal and called in the Victoria police.

A photo of the device was sent to the RCMP bomb squad in Vancouver, who advised their colleagues to put it in a secure container designed to hold explosives.

The RCMP Explosives Team was to travel to Victoria on Wednesday to examine the device and dispose of it.

The man, who lives in the Seattle suburb of Issaquah, was to appear in court in Victoria on Wednesday afternoon facing a charge of possession of an explosive device.

Doesn't exactly sound like the profile of an Islamic terrorist, does it? But then again, does it have to? After all, the British authorities have established that the people behind the London bombings were British-born, not from outside.

And remember, even a small bomb can cause terror. The bomb described in the story sounds pretty small, but imagine it attached to a tanker truck parked at a corner gas station. Now imagine what people around the area would do when it went off.

If there are still Canadians who don't think a terrorist incident can happen here, I know some doctors who'd like to meet them. They'd love to see proof that dinosaurs can still exist.