Tuesday, August 09, 2005

CTV News Gets Bound By Gravity

CTV News is apparently doing a follow-up on their story showing how use of the Internet is beginning to rival TV and radio for news delivery to Canadians.

As part of the follow-up, reporter David Akin contacted various Ottawa bloggers to do an interview. (I should know, I was one of them. He contacted me via e-mail, and I gave him some information which he said he found very useful when I followed up via phone.) One of them is Andrew Anderson (left) of Bound By Gravity, who's agreed to be interviewed for tonight's national broadcast.

Judging by Andrew's commentary page, a lot of people expect him to be talking about blogging. Certainly the CanConv service wouldn't hurt from the extra publicity, but I rather suspect the piece is going to be about more than just blogs. The mainstream media's web presence, the use of shop sites such as Expedia and Amazon -- there's going to be a ton of stuff about how Canadians use the Net.

Naturally I'll be tuning in. I trust he'll tell the rest of us all about it tomorrow.

UPDATE (23h14 9 Aug): Andrew's interview comes across pretty well, considering his nervousness. In case you didn't catch his appearance, it's available at the CTV News website. (Clicking this link should open the video in your version of Windows Media Player.)