Thursday, August 25, 2005

The Pony Express Comes to Smith Falls

Remind me never to say anything bad about Canada Post mail carriers. This woman in Smith Falls has had a bright idea to deal with the price of gas:

Canada Post employee Diana Bayer has traded in her gas-powered SUV for something with a little less horsepower.

Ms. Bayer delivered mail yesterday on her Smiths Falls-area route on horseback.

She says the move was in protest to get her employer to recognize the price of gas has doubled since the rate was set.

The current allowance is 44 cents a kilometre.

Ms. Bayer says at that rate, she has to pay out of her own pocket to do her job.

Now, granted, this is a protest move, but if I were Ms. Bayer, I'd stick with the horse, at least until late October.

There's a certain amount of charm in the idea of a letter carrier riding up on a horse to deliver the mail. No gaseous pollutants (although you do have to watch your step), you're outdoors in good weather, and these days horse feed costs less per pound than gas.

Although "Ride 'em, mailboy!" doesn't quite have the same ring ...