Monday, September 19, 2005

The Captain Comes to T.O.

Ed Morrissey of Captains Quarters, the blogger who helped expose Liberal corruption during the Gomery publication ban, is in Toronto this week.

I will speak at a journalism conference on Tuesday night, but we decided to spend the week in the city to see some of the nation about which I wrote so extensively this past spring and summer. Canadian politics has quieted down some since the Gomery inquiry stopped hearing witnesses, and I'm hoping to reconnect to Canadian story lines while I'm visiting.

I'll be blogging from Toronto and other points in the area as we do some sightseeing and getting some needed R&R. Perhaps we'll run into a couple of CQ fans along the way. If you see a middle-aged guy with a navy blue captain's hat, that just might be me!

I've already posted, in the Captain's comments section, the names of a few bloggers whom the good Captain might want to hook up with. (I think we can count on Antonia Z. being a sure thing, since it's part of her job and Ed's Gomery work was a major story several months back.)

But I know there's a lot more of you in Hogtown, and I'd encourage to make suggestions as to where Captain Ed can go in T.O. (Um, that didn't exactly come out right ...)