Friday, October 07, 2005

StickItToHim.Com Makes Hansard!

(Hat tip: TABaker, via

I'm sure people everywhere found it ridiculous that David Dingwall put a $1.38 pack of gum on his expense account. Some even went so far as to create a protest site, Stick*It*To*, which is campaigning to pay Mr. Dingwall his severance (via Paul Martin's Commons office) with the equivalent in chewing gum packs.

It's a cute idea. Conservative MP Kevin Sorenson thinks so too. He highlighted the campaign in Parliament yesterday:

Mr. Speaker, I would like to notify all those watching today of a very worthwhile campaign. No, it is not an election campaign. The Liberal government has ensured we will not be going to the polls anytime soon. Fearing defeat, it has taken the unprecedented step of denying all opposition parties their supply days until mid-November. Shame.

What I am talking about is the stick it to him campaign, a campaign aimed at giving David Dingwall exactly what he wants, and stopping the Prime Minister from spending even more of taxpayers' hard-earned cash on Liberal hush money.

I urge all Canadians to join in the one tonne gum challenge by sending, postage free, a piece of bubble gum to the Prime Minister, so he may pay Mr. Dingwall his hush money with half a million dollars worth of chewing gum instead of half a million dollars more of our own money.

The Prime Minister and the Liberal government have been sticking it to taxpayers for far too long.

Nice to know that Parliamentarians surf the Web ...