Thursday, October 28, 2004

Wake Me Up When Election 2004's Over

It's awfully tempting to blog about the U.S. election. I fell prey to it when I wrote an entry for one of Hugh Hewitt's symposiums. But now that the Red Sox have broken Bambino's Curse, and more bloggers are hopping onto the Election 2004 bandwagon, I'm just going to hop off.

And wait until the morning after.

I know that half of Wired America is going to be screaming mad at the result--the passion of both sides is so high that it can't possibly heal after the results are known. (I'm going to use BlogExplosion to see how many bloggers will weep, wail, gnash teeth, and otherwise complain about the results around midnight or so--that is, assuming it's a clear result.)

I've been following a few of the more articulate political blogs, and I have a fairly strong idea about who's going to win. And if my idea pans out, I can promise a real humdinger of a blog entry. But even if I'm wrong, I'll be glad of the fact that the election campaign is over--at least until 2006, when the midterm elections start up.

So -- what else is there to write about? Or rather, write about easily?

Well, it's Halloween season for starters. At my age, it means going to costume parties rather than trick-or-treating. Last year I wore my "Robert Vaughan in The Magnificent Seven" outfit. This year my "Kurosawa Samurai" outfit is going to get a workout. If you've ever seen Yojimbo, then you know what I'm talking about. The only thing I lack is the topknot.

And of course there's life drawing. I missed it last week due to a cold, but I made it last night. I still don't know if I should post my efforts here, because they're nudes and they might offend some sensibilities. But I went last night, armed with a graphite pencil, and with 2 models (1 male, 1 female, both new) I think I creatively caught on fire. I hadn't been so hot in producing good sketches in nearly eight weeks of drawing. (I think it also helped that I met one of my old classmates there; nothing like a little competition to stir up the juices, right?)