Friday, April 08, 2005

Brigadiers in the News : The London Fog Makes the Free Press

Check out this profile of our London-based member of the Red Ensign Brigade.

The four London bloggers range in age from 30 to 40 and don't want their names revealed because their day jobs might be jeopardized. The foursome, who earn no income from the blog, started London Fog about 18 months ago and post new items almost every day.

The site averages 180 daily visits from different readers, although that number soared to nearly 1,000 in the past few days when it featured links to the previously banned material.

Although many posts relate to national and international events, the Londoners' site boasts an enormous amount of local material.

"My mandate is to publish alternative viewpoints about what's going on in London," says Dave, another of the London bloggers.

Although the four bloggers resist being labelled, their opinions tend to reflect a conservative viewpoint. One recent blog item, for example, lampooned universal day care. . . .