Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Parliamentary Poet Strikes Again!

The poet in question is Brian Pallister, the Conservative Member of Parliament for Portage-Lisgar:

Humming and hawing,
To-ing and frow-ing,
Bobbing and weaving,
Coming and going.
The seed of decision bears fruit but it withers,
Who could it be? It's Prime Minister Dithers.

His utmost priority's constantly changing,
Polling and focus groups are a distraction.
The Titanic deck chairs may need rearranging,
He'd like to but can't find the courage for action.
The Liberals say ice caps will flow into rivers,
But there's only hot air from our Mr. Dithers.

The Gomery commission, the Liberal connection,
He promised to dig and he hoped for a plaudit,
He's mad as hell and he will get to the bottom,
As long as it doesn't involve a real audit.
His claims of sincerity give us the shivers,
No Clouseau, just clueless, our poor Mr. Dithers.

Editorial content aside, I wonder very much if he's trying to attract the attention of the Vogons (whose poetry has to be heard to be believed)?