Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Brian Pallister Has Some Competition ...

... for the dubious distinction of being the House of Commons' Poet Laureate. Stepping up to the plate is Jeff Watson, the Conservative MP for Essex.

When Mr. Small Town Cheap, tall and wiry,
Took on the big city Gomery inquiry,
The former prime minister refused to take the fall,
Scorned the taxpayers and showed us his golf balls.

No human pyramid in the Liberal caucus room next day,
But this Prime Minister's cheers and raucous applause, to say,
Be true to the fool, 'cause what he did was real cool,
He never thought it crass, the former prime minister's “can of whoop-ass”.
But now the Prime Minister says “no way”,

He was not the cheerleader that day.
This Prime Minister clapped for the vaudeville act,
And put his former boss on a pedestal in fact.
So said the Liberal caucus chair,
Tell us the truth, Mr. Prime Minister, it is only fair.

The Liberal member for Beaches--East York gave,
The credit to the Prime Minister for the applause tidal wave.
And a Liberal member of that other place said,
Surely the Prime Minister led the clapping disgrace.

I think it is only fair to say,
Does the Prime Minister have a different story today?

Okay, maybe Mr. Pallister doesn't have competition, but still ...