Thursday, April 21, 2005

Jim Abbott, Parliament's Dee-Jay

Mr. Abbott is the Conservative MP for Kootenay-Columbia. Yesterday, he used his private member's time to create a new dance:

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister has added dithers to the great Canadian parliamentary lexicon.

In the face of irrefutable, overwhelming revelations of systemic Liberal Party corruption and with nowhere to run and nowhere to hide, he has no choice now but to dither and duck. It is the new Liberal disco, foxtrot, rumba, tango, shuffle, dance: dither and duck.

The Liberal government has resorted to daily announcements in an attempt to hide from its own corruption. The Liberals avoid at all costs the prospect of facing the opposition in the House. What do they do? They dither and duck....

.... Yesterday, two days in a row, facing the largest political scandal in Canadian history, unbelievably, the Prime Minister was absent from the House. It is a new Liberal dance. It is the dither and duck, dither and duck, dither and duck.

All good Liberals grab a partner and do the Liberal shuffle, dither and duck.

Okay, now try to picture a bunch of Liberal MPs dancing the "Dither Disco Duck" in the House of Commons.

On second thought, don't. At least not before lunch.