Sunday, May 29, 2005

Has Canada's Media Anointed a Canadian Prince?

Don't breathe a word to The Monarchist, but it looks like Canada's mainstream media has decided that Canada needs a Royal Family. And it's not that lot in Buckingham Palace.

No, they've nominated a family for Royal status that's Canadian born and bred. Just as the U.S. has the Kennedys, so the Canadian MSM has decided that we need the Trudeaus.

My proof? Look at the way they've covered Justin Trudeau's wedding. It's a lead on the Globe and Mail's website, it's on CBC News's National file, and of course the Grit-affiliated Toronto Star has not one, but two stories about the event. (Registration is required for the Star stories.)

And just exactly why does Justin's wedding merit national coverage? His main claim to fame is that he's the son of Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. (Catherine Clark, of Rogers TV-22, is also the offspring of a Canadian prime minister, and her wedding never got this much media coverage beyond the society pages.)

The stories don't even tell us what he's been doing these days (well, apart from getting married); nothing about his current job. No, he gets this attention not on his own merits, but because of his father's. (They even talk about the couple driving off in his dad's old car.)

In other words, whoever's in charge of coverage in our Canadian media gave Justin this much coverage because he's the son of the closest thing we ever got to Canadian political celebrity. Just like the American media fawned on the lated JFK Jr. as a scion of America's true political dynasty (what do you mean, the Bushes?), so our elder media people consider Justin to be a Prince, the heir apparent to Pierre Trudeau's historical legacy.

Were I to be an extremely cynical hack, I'd even consider the wedding coverage decision to be symptomatic of an unconscious desire on the part of our Liberal Party-slanting media: an unvoiced hope that Justin might emulate his father and enter Canadian politics. Possibly even becoming an MP, or higher, ushering in a new era of Trudeaumania and deepening the rooting of the Liberal Party in the Canadian psyche.

On second thought, let's not tell Trudeaupia about this either ...