Saturday, May 07, 2005

Jeff Watson Tries Again

The Conservative MP for Essex must really want the title of Parliamentary Poet Laureate:

As Gomery testimony grows ever more sinister,
More fingers point at the current Prime Minister.

Frantic and panicked, at an election he's balking,
To calm himself down let the fingers do the walking.

If the Prime Minister wants to rest and feel fine,
He can reach out and call the corruption help line.

Press one, Alain Renaud, under oath he did say,
This Prime Minister talked contracts with Claude Boulay.

Press two, Jean Brault, who was given no choices,
To give to Liberal campaigns and bill false invoices.

That, he was told, was the price he must pay,
For Liberal commissions and contracts directed his way.

Press three, Castelli, the PM's aide and friend,
Who ensured Serge Savard got adscam bucks in the end.

Press four for Kinsella, a tale of contracts peddled,
To Earnscliffe only because this Prime Minister meddled.

Press five for Gagliano, or six for Guité,
Or if the Prime Minister really wants adscam to go away,

Press seven and Canada's cavalry will save the day.
A Conservative government will make every Liberal adscammer pay.

Well, the meter of that last couplet is a little off, and I'm not sure I like the undercurrent of vengeance, but hey -- he's improving ...