Sunday, July 24, 2005

A Day At the Beach

It's a sunny day today, and the humidity's dropped compared to last week, which means that walking outside isn't a sticky misery. So I elected to spend part of the afternoon at the beach.

You wouldn't normally associate Ottawa with beaches, but there are quite a few nice ones out there. There's Britannia Beach, up around Richmond Road near the Ottawa River Parkway. And around Carleton University (which is my neighborhood), there's Mooney's Bay Beach, about a twenty-minute walk from my home. They're both connected to the river, so of course there's sand and shoreline.

Mooney's Bay is a good place to go to in this kind of weather. It's unfortunate that they didn't allow swimming today -- there was a coloform count that meant the water was polluted enough to be unhealthy -- but there were other activities around Mooney's Bay that one could engage in.

Volleyball, for example. There's a charity volleyball tournament that takes place here every summer, but for now the nets are for public use.

There are also a few bike paths connected to the area, but given its closeness I preferred to walk.

Of course, there are lots of other reasons to go to the beach ...

Yep. Lots of good reasons ...