Tuesday, October 18, 2005

A Parliamentary Pizza Poem

Yet another Conservative MP aspires to become the House of Commons' poet laureate. This time it's Rahim Jaffer, the member for Edmonton-Strathcona, trying to be critical of Citizenship Minister Joe Volpe's spending habits:

Mr. Speaker, pepperoni, meatlovers, vegetarian or Greek,
Stuffed full of pizza the immigration minister is too busy eating to speak.

Y'know, there's way too many syllables in that second line ...

He's had so much fun stiffing Canadians with his bills,
I had to see for myself, why so much overeating hasn't made him ill.

For example, at Cammara's where he's known as Pizza Joe.
To see for myself, to his favourite joint I had to go.

I invited three friends to join me to dine.
We ordered two pizzas, salads and some wine.

Attending were MPs for Simcoe—Grey, Edmonton—Leduc and Calgary Southeast.
It cost us only $134 for the entire feast.

Even with four we paid less than Pizza Joe did for two.
With a doggie bag in hand, how he spent so much...we haven't a clue.

We paid our own bill because that was our choice,
Unlike the minister who stiffed Canadians, with his invoice.

Is overindulging the life of this minister?
Or with the Liberals in government could it be something more sinister?

Okay, so it doesn't look like Brian Pallister needs to give up his poetry any time soon. (Not that it's any better ... )