Friday, October 07, 2005

John McCallum: Dinged on Dumb

You know that phrase "stuck on stupid"? It seems that Revenue Minister John McCallum's discovered a variant -- particularly when it comes to defending the indefensible severance package of David Dingwall.

In Question Period, in response to all questions by MPs, McCallum gave this answer:

"Mr. Speaker, we will pay Mr. Dingwall only what legal counsel advises us we must. There is currently an independent audit re-examining his expenses under way. Further, should any discrepancies be uncovered by the audit, the government will insist upon a dollar for dollar repayment to the treasury."

One answer. To five different questioners.

The response sorta reminds me of Hymie (right), the android CONTROL agent in the old Get Smart series. Y'know, how he'd get stuck saying the same phrase to everyohe who spoke to him, until somebody gave him a sharp whack between the fifth and sixth ribs?

Well-meaning, but dumb. And Mr. McCallum is so burned out attempting to defend the indefensible that he's become -- well -- "dinged on dumb."

Mr. McCallum may be in serious need of deprogramming over the Thanksgiving weekend.