Wednesday, December 07, 2005

The TCFlogger Tries To Be Funny

It looks like the TCFlogger is trying to get away from his reputation (voice from the back: "What reputation?!"), this time by attemptint to use humour. And in the spirit of Scott Feschuk, he's trying to use lame humour, pretending to diagnose Paul Martin:
Patient makes outlandish and delusional statements that do not resonate in the general public (i.e. believes cutting the GST won’t help working families, and dismisses proposed $100 per month daycare allowance as insignificant.)

Patient has likely been in isolation from the general public for quite some time.
The Flogger goes on in this lame vein for some little while, ignoring the chirping crickets.

Understand that this joke isn't funny because it insults Paul Martin. Scott Feschuk has told funnier jokes that insult Paul Martin, and he's supposed to be on the Prime Minister's side.

No, this joke isn't funny because it's old. I've heard it told about George Bush Sr., not to mention Jean Chretien in his day. I wouldn't be surprised if it was told about Mackenzie King.

It's really too bad that the TCFlogger doesn't have a feedback mechanism. Even an e-mail address to the site would help him out, without which he'll just have to suffer his own lack of humour in silence.