Wednesday, December 07, 2005

What Do Scott Feschuk and Jonah Goldberg Have in Common?

Answer: they both take great pleasure out of being targeted by shallow people.

Here's Scott, on his Official Liberal Campaign Blog:
Yes! Yet another sweet political advantage for the Liberal party. As of this morning, we are the only federal party whose official campaign blog has been described as "shameful" by the chief strategist of the University of Toronto's McLuhan Program in Culture and Technology! Not the backup strategist - the CHIEF strategist.

That's right - he called this blog "shameful." Also, "very lame." Take that, mysterious yet boring Conservative party blogger person or object! He doesn't savage you in a colourful way at all.

As for Blog Boy, this chief strategist fellow goes on to strategize in a chiefly way that this blog "really does read like a teenage girl's diary." Like, whatever. I'd give him what-for if I wasn't busy taping up my new Scott Baio poster.
For the information of everyone else, the chief strategist of the McLuhan Program is named Mark Federman. He has a blog here, and I'm still trying to track down his critique.

As for Jonah, his critic is perhaps better known:
On November 23, Barbra Streisand wrote a letter to the editor complaining that the Los Angeles Times picked me up as a columnist. As gleeful as I was, I declined to respond. But now, just last night, Ms. Streisand chose to post to her website the "director's cut" of her original letter to the editor, which apparently had been edited for space and, no doubt, for content by the LA Times. I could resist no longer ...
And so on and so forth.

So is it better to be roasted by Scott Federman, or to be roasted by Barbra Streisand?

Well, it's a little hard to compare at the moment, but it's interesting to note that Scott's reaction consists of three paragraphs showing his age (when was the last time teenage girls had Scott Baio posters?), while Jonah's reaction to two sentences in separate paragraphs is considerably more verbose. (Though, to be fair, Scotty would be hospitalized with Blackberry Thumb if he tried for a longer answer.)

Of course, it could be related to the idea that Scott Federman isn't known outside the University of Toronto, whereas Barbra Streisand is better known these days for getting pooped on by the population of South Park. If Feschuk had been roasted by Barbra, he probably would have gone absolutely rhapsodic.

But of course, that won't happen, since Barbra in all probability would think of Feschuk as one of those flatulent South Park Canadians. If she ever thought of Canada at all.