Thursday, December 01, 2005

The TCBlogger Has Just Become The TC Flogger

It looks like I was premature in my earlier assumption that the official Tory Campaign Blogger understood the difference between blogs and flogs. Because with his latest post he's definitely moving along the dark path to Floggerville:
The bottom line is simple: Stephen Harper is promising to reduce the GST to 5%. If you like the idea, vote Conservative. If you don’t, then you’re welcome to take the other option and vote for four more years of ethical lapses, missing billions, investigation, scandal, and corruption. A or B. Blue or Red. Your call.
The last person who tried to pull that stunt on me was Robert McClelland, and it's a stupid example of what I call the false choice: attempting to set up an either/or situation without allowing for alternatives. Note to the webmasters of when your house blogger starts reading like Robert McClelland, it is not a good thing.

This TCFlogger would have us believe that the choice is between the Tories and the Liberals, with the latter being discouraged with as much insult as (s)he can muster. An intelligent voter, instead of being persuaded, would respond with the following:

1) Why don't I vote NDP?
2) I live in Quebec. I'll take the Bloc.
3) Gee, the Greens are looking good.
4) Screw it, they're all corrupt. I'm staying home.

This is a theme that I have always practiced, time and time again: you must always respect your opponents, lest you underestimate them. When a blogger throws insults, it says more about the blogger than about his target. It's a lesson that our flogger has yet to learn.

TCFlogger: your latest screed has shamed the very cause you claim to serve, because it insults the intelligence of your readers. It is now well past time for you to reveal yourself, and be accountable for your posts.