Sunday, October 31, 2004

On Adding a New Blog

Well, my new blog site is up. You can find it at

One of the nice things about Blogger is the ease in which you can set up a completely new site. It didn't take any more than five minutes to select a template and add the AdSense and BlogExplosion banners (although it did take about 10 minutes to rework everything so that adding new banners didn't wreck the template layout). But I had it up and running a lot sooner than I expected.

For The Urban Possum, I opted for a more informal design than for my main blog. I think the green and the typeface make it more relaxed for the reader; it's the type of design that doesn't feel that need to intone Holy Writ. (Since the main blog tends to pontificate a bit on politics and culture, a more formal template seemed appropriate.) That's important because The Urban Possum is meant to give the sense of a guy puttering about in his kitchen. Flannel shirts are de rigueur there.

The other thing is that Possum is a subject-specific blog, meant to be run concurrently with the main one. It's one of the reasons why Blogger lets you have more than one blog; they know you have more than one interest, and a subject-specific blog can be more easily crafted to a specific audience.

So anyway, the Possum's up and with a fresh recipe (not a new one) to boot. Comments are welcome on both sites, of course.