Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Ken Epp Award Nominee: Monte Solberg

Mr. Solberg is the Conservative MP for Medicine Hat. Yesterday he attempted to commit a rhetorical assault by beating a metaphor to death:

Mr. Speaker, the Prime Minister's director of communications has referred to the Prime Minister as a “wire brush”, but I am not sure the analogy flatters the Prime Minister very much.

The only wire brush I can think of is the one I use to clean my barbecue and it is pretty greasy and worn out, but hey, we will play along. Maybe the Prime Minister really does see himself as a wire brush, but ironically it is the people of Canada who are bristling at the conduct of the wire brush and his Liberal cronies.

As a matter of fact, the public is tired of the Prime Minister trying to brush off questions about his luncheon with Claude Boulay. They are tired of his trying to brush the sponsorship mess under Jean Chrétien's carpet. In short, they are tired of getting the brush-off from the wire brush. It is actually the people of Canada who are wired up and fired up to the point that now a brush fire has broken out, and that is not good for brushes, wire or otherwise.

In fact, if I read the public correctly, they are very upset with Mr. Wire Brush, and what they are telling me is, “Wire, wire, pants on fire”.

He does like to live dangerously; that last bit comes awfully close to being unparliamentary language. (According to Parliamentary rules, you're not allowed to call an MP a liar.)

Then again, he could be trying to enter Damian Brooks' contest ...