Sunday, May 08, 2005

An Afternoon at the New War Museum

Since it was a nice day today, I thought I'd spend a bit of the early afternoon looking at the new Canadian War Museum. The grand opening was today, but since it really was such a nice day there were a lot of people there, and since the building wouldn't be open to the public until 5 pm (with the exception of the veterans) I decided to wait until later in the week to fully explore the place.

However, it was also a nice enough day that I could get some pictures and make sure the memory card I picked up for my Olympus worked out.

This is a shot of the front of the museum. The markings on the front slab spell out "Lest We Forget / N'oublie Jamais" in Morse code.

There were also some military vehicles on display outside. Some may be familiar, some aren't. I may have to ask for help from Castle Arrgh.

There were also a few displays meant for kids and families, but which might make pacifists a bit nervous:

Can you imaging yourself wearing those outfits?

There were some interesting entertainments as well, from the Central Band of the Canadian Forces ...

... to a parachutist with the Canadian flag. This was a hard picture to take because the sun kept getting into my eyes.

Naturally there were vets in attendance, including two peacekeepers.

On my way home, I stopped by an army re-enactment camp which was just packing up.

Biking around Ottawa is a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, don'tcha think?