Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Brian Pallister's Doing His Vogon Imitation Again ...

Mr. Brian Pallister (Portage—Lisgar, CPC): Madam Speaker:

Quebec Referendum, Liberals were sighing,
Chrétien to the rescue: let's get the flags flying.
We gave a few million to friends no denying,
But damn the taxpayer, the Liberals are buying.

The ad scam debacle, the Libs claim it's petty.

The Auditor General and Gomery prying,
Grits throwing money just like it's confetti,
A billion a day and the Liberals are buying.

Now comes the budget vote; could be a tight one.

Buying the NDP's so satisfying,
Five billion dollars of pure desperation,
Screw fiscal prudence, the Liberals are buying

Lure a defector, it's winning conditions.

Ambition's alive, but integrity's dying
Principle's traded for cabinet positions,
Put on your price tags, the Liberals are buying

I'm almost positive this guy's trying to get Earth destroyed to make way for a hyperspace bypass ...