Friday, June 17, 2005

Good for Grewal

From CBC News:

Gurmant Grewal has been cleared of wrongdoing in two investigations launched after the Conservative member of Parliament tried to get Ottawa-bound passengers at Vancouver's airport to carry a package for him.

The RCMP and Transport Canada were investigating the June 4 incident to see if Grewal committed any offence.

Now the RCMP say the Newton-North Delta MP is off the hook because he had cleared security with the package before he started approaching people to do the errand for him.

Transport Canada also says Grewal broke no security rules.

Well ... I'm sure that's a relief. Gurmy may be on the eccentric side (we get that a lot in B.C. -- Grewal's pretty normal compared with Bill Vander Zalm), but hey -- at least he's not a dangerous eccentric. (Won't keep Joe Volpe from trying to paint him that way, though.)

(Hat tip: Small Dead Animals.)