Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Art of the TCFlogger

Of course I come down hard on the TC Flogger. All that brainpower up at Conservative HQ and they still haven't figured out how to do blogging effectively, for all the reasons which I've listed earlier.

But the Flogger does have one talent that his Liberal counterpart is ill-equipped to exploit, for the simple reason that Blackberries don't have digital cameras: a good eye for photography. And with this photo, I have to give the Flogger props.

This picture of Stephen Harper at a phone interview does cross a line, from blogger journalism to Art with a capital A. Triple reflection plus variations in focus equals remarkable depth perception, and the triple images (with side profiles suited to a dime) relate nicely to each other. This image would never have made a traditional news release, because the heads are too small compared with the frame and PR officials never like head croppings, but as an Art photo this could be eligible for the short list of a museum for contemporary photography.

Is this a step forward, for the TCFlogger? Yes, in terms of content. It adds the touch of the idiosyncratic that moves a weblog further away from "corporate flog" status. If the TCFlogger can do more pix like that, he might be able to move the Flog into "good Photoblog" territory.

In terms of format, however, the TCFlogger still has a way to go ...