Tuesday, November 02, 2004

If You Want to Know What BlogExplosion is Like ...

... check out this posting from The Fine Line v.3.0.

BlogExplosion is a fun way to blog surf. Blogger.com allows you to blog-surf their site as well from the Dashboard, using either the New Postings section or from your profile, but I find BlogExplosion to be better organized for the surfing experience. I don't really mind the "family album" blogs (being a bachelor, the notion of parenthood is "here be dragons" territory to me), and the ones from yullies (young urban intellectuals) seem to have a wistfulness about them that I find attractive.

If I have a fault when blog surfing, it's that I pay more attention than I should to single-women blogs. (But then I'm a middle-aged bachelor, so it's only natural.) I also try to avoid the blog sites on BlogExplosion that look like ad portals, or sites that have too much prominent advertising.

But as I said, it's a lot of fun looking at how creative people can be. Even if you don't actually have a blog, you should give BlogExplosion a try.