Saturday, November 06, 2004

Mister Moore Dusts Himself Off

Anyone engaging in schadenfraude after the American election will be disappointed in Michael Moore. Given his hysterical attacks on the U.S. President, one might have expected him to wallow in despair, or throw a tantrum.

To his credit, he did neither. After a few days (during which his only reaction was posting a photomontage of American soldiers making up a portrait of President Bush) he came up with a few "silver linings" which are worth paying attention to.

Note to the left-wing bloggers: This is how you start recovering from your electoral disaster. The discussions in were for the most part nonsensical gasps of despair and denial; the postings in dailykos were much much worse. Mister Moore, for all his faults and exaggerations, understands one thing: if you're going to rally the troops, you have to be upbeat first.

Don't wail. Don't weep. Don't make suggestions of moving to Canada or seceding from America; you'd just make a fool of yourself and discredit your side further. There is a bright side.

Mister Moore's behavior is of course far better than his reaction to 2000, when he posted a defaced portrait of President Bush accompanied by canned evil laughter.

Who knows? He may get to the point where he makes a post praising President Bush.

Mind you, that won't happen for another four years ...