Tuesday, April 19, 2005

A Pope with Hollandaise Sauce

Looks like we got us a new Supreme Pontiff.

He's from Germany, which would have been unheard of earlier in history--Germany, after all, was where the Protestant Reformation was born. The second non-Italian pope, after John Paul II. A former progressive, now a conservative in terms of theology, which will make North American liberals mutter a bit, but he ought to be right at home with American conservative thinking.

Now, there are some Americans who may not be comfortable with the new name -- mention "Benedict" and the name "Arnold" comes to mind a little too quickly. But think of "eggs Benedict" and one can start to think the Church is on to a good thing. Rich, not too spicy.

About the only major concern I have is age. At 78, he's only four years younger than the last Pope when he kicked off. I suppose time will tell if Benedict will have as big an impact on the world as John Paul.