Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Red Green Makes the Order of Canada

The retiring G-G (not the one who gets up Angry's nose) has just made her final appointments to the Order of Canada. Shall we have a look-see as to who made the list?

Well, obviously Steve Smith, aka Red Green of Possum Lodge, has been made a member. (One wonders if he's going to pin it on with the Handyman's Secret Weapon (TM).) And jazz diva Donna Krall is promoted to Officer.

The late Peter Jennings made the cut. So have journalists Hugh Winsor and Roy MacGregor (the latter becomes an officer). And the author Wayson Choy.

Dave Barrett, the former B.C. premier and MP, is promoted to officer.

Hmmm ... dang. I knew I should've tried harder to get Brian Neale put on the list ...