Saturday, November 06, 2004

If You Supported Kerry, You'd Better Read This ...

Open Letter To The Democratic Party: How You Could Have Had My Vote

This is from one of the Bush voters who could have -- could have -- helped put a new guy in the White House.

There's no information about her other than what she says in her post. Let's assume that what she says about herself is genuine.

Now look at some of the points she's made.

You didn't give me clear positions on the issues. I followed the news closely all through the campaign, but I still don't understand Kerry's position on Iraq.

This is a clear message to all politicians Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, that always bears repeating: 1. Take a position. 2. Make it clear. 3. Defend it well. And remember that you can't do 3 without doing 2 first.

Here is something you could work on right about now: I could not stomach to listen to your incessant hatred of President Bush.

The hardest thing to do, in the aftermath of the campaign, is to forgive and accept your opponent. It's especially true when the loser happens to be your champion. But it's a step that absolutely has to be done, otherwise life will not be fun anymore.

I won't reproduce her seventh and final point, because I want people to read the piece in its entirety. But it stresses a very important point:

People can be persuaded. They will not be insulted.

Progressive liberalism--and reform of the Democratic Party--will never succeed unless a way is found to persuade people like Sad American that they're worth supporting. But they won't support anyone who belittles and insults them whenever a doubt is expressed.

This is where the healing process begins. This is where the re-building process begins. Read Sad American's letter. And learn from it.